April Walker and Ryan Troester

April and Ryan have been training Military Working Dogs and their Handlers in the USAF for over a decade. They’ve always believed the same standards of excellence expected of Military Working Dog Teams could be imparted in Pets and their Owners, which led to the creation of Total Dog Destin LLC. Traditional programs, such as group classes or board & trains rarely meet an owner’s expectations and fail to unlock the dog’s full potential. This is why Total Dog believes in one on one specialized training, mobile to the owner, working exclusively on their individual needs. Through empowering the Pet Parent with our techniques and knowledge, we give them the ability to take their dogs anywhere, living harmoniously together rather than seeing the dog as a hindrance. If we can train a Handler to search for explosives in a deployed location, then we can train a Pet Owner to be confident with their dog anywhere life takes them.

Alyssa Megias, Trainer

Alyssa is devoted to bridging canine relationships by connecting with dogs and people to work together. Born and raised in Tampa, Florida she began her career at age 11 working with horses. Throughout the years she’s developed and expanded her education in dog training specifically. She exercises patience, compassion, and consistency with each dog she works with. Alyssa possesses a level of understanding rarely seen when it comes to animals. She’ll undoubtedly positively impact both you and your dog to achieve training results you didn’t believe possible.

Chianti Jordan, Trainer

Chianti hails from the state of lovers, Virginia. Since a young age she's had an affinity for loving and caring for all animals. Wanting to become a veterinarian, Chianti enrolled into a vocational school for veterinary science to further her understanding before later joining the USAF. Wanting to focus on her passion Chianti left her military career to start a new path as a part of the Total Dog team. She dedicates herself to the emotional, psychological, and physical well-being of animals in hopes to increase harmony between pets and their owner. In this way she strives to foster the happiness, trust, love in each unique pet family.